Who am i

My story

Awesome that you are reading this. my name is Niek Olthof. I am 22 years old and i am living in the Netherlands. I am currently working on becoming the best version of myself and i wanna take you with me. In doing so i am going to face a lot of challenges and obstacles. I will post all of this problems and how i overcome them on this personal weblog. Self improvement podcasts and reading books about this subject is how i am currently working. If youre interested in the progress you can always send me a message trought the contact page. Contact me now


Lets tell something more about me. I am Niek. I am currently working in a fashion store where we sell a lot of clothes. I studied a course for store management and I.C.T but i am getting more and more interested in entrepreneurship and e-commerce. I am following a lot of podcasts about this subject like the My Entrepreneur Lifestyle podcast. In doing so i discoverd that personal development is a must and i am currently working on that first.  On this personal weblog you follow my road.

My Passion

My passion is the music i am listening. Here in the Netherlands it’s very big and getting bigger every year. As you can see on my picture in the back i have some flags hanging around. The music is called Hardstyle and it is my biggest inspiration. I like to talk about it very much so if youre also into this please send me a message so we can have a chat!

With this personal weblog i want to inspire you to do the same as me. Take action and go after your goals and crush them. I just started but lets do this together and become the person we want to be.