The Decision is made

After thinking about it a while i have finally made my decision. I am going to focus myself on creating an Amazon business. After following certain courses i found out that this really interests me. It feels good and i notice that i wanna know more and more about this subject. Currently i am following a course by Bas Urlings and this course is teaching me the basics of amazon and the path it takes. I also got his book and i am going to read that very soon. This book is about now or never on amazon and it’s for free at the moment. After this course i am going to follow another one and this will be an complete one with everything explained in details. When i am doing this course i will let you know.

What do you prefer?

Today i started thinking about something. I am going to journal my journey to becoming an amazon entrepreneur but at this moment it’s very time consuming. While typing this i know this cost me alot of time to write this and make everything okay with the SEO. I would rather use this time to getting more knowledge about amazon or personal development. So i had an idea of creating a Facebook page where i can post small updates and daily steps and goals. Now i want to know your opinion. Would you follow that page and keep track of my goals? Let me know in the comments below.

First user

Today i received an e-mail saying i got my first user registration on my website. Very happy with that! Welcome to my website and i hope you like it. I also want to give you more personal lessons to add more value to reading my website. Please share this with your friends and family and if you have anything to tell me please leave a comment and i will definitely respond!

Be safe,