How i keep myself motivated

In times like these i have to keep myself motivated. I have read a quote online saying “It takes 20 days to build an habit and it takes 90 days to build an lifestyle. And this is exactly what i am doing. By studying several webinars i understand now that it is about a vision. You have to visualize your future for yourself to create a kind of portal to that life. When you do that you will already live in that life that you will become and so it will be much easier to do. Looks kinda complicated doensn’t it? For me it’s very clear and because of that constant reminder it is much easier to keep myself motivated.

Test myself

My running training is going very well and i am still doing this every day with one day in between. For me this is also a test for myself. Can i commit myself to something without giving up? Till this day it’s very easy to do because i want that future. I want to commit myself to this life of entrepreneurship and know everything about it. This mindset is something else then i had before. A few months ago my thoughts would have told me after a day of hard work to relax and to watch Netflix all the time. But now i am constantly working on this website writing posts or running or getting more information about entrepreneurship and what path i am going to follow.

2 roads 1 destiny

For me there are only 2 roads left. The first one is building an Smma and the other one is building an amazon or bol webshop and sell products there. It’s still very hard to choose because i wanna be sure about it and commit myself to it like i do to running. So i ordered a book about amazon and i am following a course for smma. when i am done with those 2 i will choose one of them and commit myself to that. Creating value to a business and work on a skill is key and i wanna be sure about it. Following the little voice in my head saying no you shouldn’t do it also because this will lead me to my true purpose.