Being busy

Welcome to a new post and thanks for reading and still following my journey. I am very busy at the moment but still have that goal in my mind. That goal has become more and more specific and i know what i want to do right now. I am going to change my about me page and lock that goal on there to have it clear. The goal is to run an online business and travel the world with my laptop in my backpack. I am constantly thinking about how i am going to do this but still am not sure about this. Listening to several webinars is what i am doing right now and when i know what it will be i will keep you updated. I feel the need to put my focus on something and when that is done i will make steps for sure. Till then i will be very busy finding out the way.

Eye on the prize

With this whole coronavirus situation going on i am noticing something weird. At least i think it’s weird. I see almost all of my friends and colleagues boring themself. I think that my mind has changed alot since a few months because i would have done the same probably. But i don’t know, i see everyone around me boring themself while i am still working hard and next to that i am working on myself. I am improving myself as much as possible and i am constantly looking for ways to do so. I don’t get how you can get bored all day and watch netflix while there is so much to do right now. This is the time to work on yourself. To improve and to rest instead of watching netflix all day and getting more and more lazy. I noticed that my mind has changed and that working is good and being active is great.

My road

I know that i am getting ahead of alot of people and i am taking the path of a winner. I am proud of myself to keep myself busy even when nobody is watching or reading this. This is for myself and i don’t care what people think of me. I will continue reading books, keep running and keep searching for my business ideas while improving myself in life to become a better version. Someday i hope somebody will read this and feel the same way about this or get inspired to feel the same way. When you do please leave me a message so we can talk about this. -Niek