Now or never

The time has come where i have to prove myself and to push myself to the limit. Recently i got asked to work at my old workplace where i worked a year ago. Because of that my days are filled up again and now is the time to keep going with finding my goals. I am still running every 2 days and this is going better everytime i do it. It feel it really gives me the discipline i will also need in the future. About that i am currently getting closer and closer to finding my purpose in the e-com business. But i am still not 100% sure yet.

Another idea

While searching for my purpose i came across a guy who was into amazon selling. I watched his videos and he really convinced me that there is a big business for amazon. Amazon has just started here in the Netherlands and it will get bigger and bigger. So why shouldn’t i hop onto their succes and make profit of it? I really felt it in my gut that there will be a huge succes for amazon in the Netherlands so i am thinking about doing a course for this and teach myself the way how to do this. Do you think Amazon will be the main selling all around platform of the world? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message trough the Contact page

The Future

The future is bright. I am really getting curious about this Amazon thing and will definitely let you know what i am gonna do with this. It will be a leap of faith for me because i can’t predict the future but i really believe that hard work and smart work will pay off. You can’t always have luck but you also can’t always fail so thats a wise lesson i learned. That will it be for this update and hope to interact with some of you guys soon.