More new steps

Slowly but surely i am making new steps. I am getting more and more interested in E-Commerce and i am puzzeling everything out. I am searching for something to put my focus on. Just recently i got more interested in Social Media Marketing and i am figuring that out aswell. Because of that i went to Udemy.comand i bought a course that will introduce me more to this subject. It will introduce me to a skill that i can develop that maybe one day will be my business.

Social Media Marketing

This social media marketing course is focused on facebook marketing. I just started it but i would like to let you know what i’m up too. It teaches me the basics of setting up a business aswell as the basics of setting up facebook marketing. It’s very exciting because my gut is really telling me that i am on the right path right now. I’ve had days where i woke up early because my mind and body were excited to take action and to work on my goals.

The path ahead

So yeah, i will follow this path and will see where it gets me. At the start of April i would’ve had an introduction day to a study of e-commerce where i was very excited about. Unfortunately this isn’t taking place because of the covid-19 situation. I will continue to search my way around the internet and applaying for different courses online what will bring me closer and closer to my goal of starting a business. I also bought a new book called “The sublte art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Mansson. You can find it here if you’re also interested. The Subtle Art of not giving a f*ck That will be the end of this update and if youre interested more please send me a message through the Contact Page. Greetings Niek