Today was an hard day.

I went to work today and it was a tough day. By waking up and starting my morning routine i already noticed it. I was falling back into old habits. This adventure where i would change myself and where i would become a better version started like 2 weeks ago. All this time i was so focused on becoming a better version and working on it by reading and listening and i was fully motivated. Today that wasn’t the case. It felt like i was falling into old destrutive habits where i would question myself and where my path was unclear.

My mind

When i was at work i was constantly thinking and that didn’t help me. Because of all that thinking i started to question myself and thought i wouldn’t make it. I started thinking, its gonna be such a long road and where will i start? What will i do? Where will i put my focus on and build towards that goal. By typing this message this is still unclear to me.


The only thing i can do now is to think positive. Also something happened today at work what will give me lots of time. My workplace will be closed for a undetermined period of time because of the covid-19 situation. This really sucks but it also gives me alot of spare time. With all this time i am going to find out what will be this purpose. The next time i will go to work i know what i am going to do and which direction i am heading. Whatever will happen i will document it here and i will not stop. I won’t give up.