Creating a new habit

Last week i had an idea to create a new habit when is was out walking. This idea came into my mind and it seemed like a good idea to create discipline. This would also help me improve my mindset. This idea was to start running again. A few years ago i already did this but then i stopped it because i went to the gym and started lifting weights. The gym was a lot of fun but unfortunately i had to quit this because of my job. With this whole covid-19 situation going on the gyms are also closed so there isn’t a better time to start running again i realised myself.

The Goal

I can run everywhere i want and do it anytime i want. That is the greatest benefit to me. The goal is to reach more discipline and challenge my mindset to work under pressure. During this first session i directly noticed my mind to tell me to stop when it gets hard. Becoming aware of this is great and it keeps me motivated to push harder to level up myself and endure it. This was just a first session and from now on i will be running 3 times a week with 1 day in between. I am very curious and excited to upgrade myself and to run longer distances. This first session was around 2 kilometers and it took me like 20 minutes. To become better i have to endure the pain and become stronger every week.

The Reason

I don’t really like the running part at all. To me it is more like a mindgame with myself every time. I know that when i do this my mind will become stronger and i will get more discipline in life. This discipline will help me to improve myself and to get closer to my goals. Knowing what it has to take to build something and to get better at it is interesting and necessary to me. The future is exciting and i can’t wait to find out what is going to happen.

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