The Coronavirus

I guess all of you heard at least something about this. The Covid-19 virus or the coronavirus. It is the most recent topic everywhere in the world right now. The virus is spreading accross alot of countries and it is going very fast. Because of this fast spread alot of people are getting infected and become sick. In my country the virus is also spreading really fast and we’re confronting it every day. A few countries are already in a lockdown to reduce further spread. Where i live they just announced that we won’t go in a lockdown for now. We will confront the virus and a few people will get sick just to build itself up again and become stronger of it.

My point of view

I see alot of people going to supermarkets buying loads of toilet paper and just following everybody else. They see everyone around them buying toilet paper and follow to do the same thing. To me it seems like a bunch of robots following each other instructions. They follow the media and to me it seems very odd. All shops and pubs are closed and people are ordered to stay at home. My work is still going on but i will have reduced working times. We will only have to work from 13:00 till 17:00. This will give me alot of spare time and i know what to do with this time.

The Lesson

With all this spare time i am getting i will use it to invest in myself as much as possible. This means reading more books and listening to more self improvement podcasts. I am gathering a list of books i am going to read and the list is already filling up. I will also work on this website and improve more and more. I am excited to invest alot of time in this project and i am wondering where i will be standing when this Covid-19 virus is about to end. When you have any questions to me please go to the contact page and hit me up. I will answer as soon as possible.

– Niek

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