The Champion Mindset.

This is exactly what i’m after. It is called the champion mindset. For me this is the mindset of a winner, of someone who never gives up and crushes his or her goals. That mindset is something ordinary, something to work for and realise every single day to get it. Reading books and listening to several podcasts about self improvement is the way to go for me. I discovered recently that i am really interested in this subject because i am learning every day more and more about myself. Just recently something happened to me.

The Story

I was biking with my girlfriend sitting behind me on the same bike. We had to ride for like 15 minutes and the wind was very strong in front of us. Because of this wind i became irritated and my mind was telling me to quit. My mind said, Stop doing this and walk the last bit. It actually told me to stop and quit. The longer it took the more it became clear to me. I was giving up and for what and why so easily? I started thinking and comparing it to the road i am taking right now.

The Lesson

This road will also be difficult. It is gonna be full of obstacles and failures. My mind will tell me to quit and to give up. I was lucky to become aware of this all. The progress is really coming i noticed. I will not give up on this road and won’t let others tell me this is stupid. I am improving myself every single day and i am going to reach my goal. This is just a first realisation and i am proud. One day i will get to my goal and i am after it. It is gonna be a long road but i’ll make it my life mission to reach succces and become the best version of myself.

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