My Goal –

When i started listening to several self improvement podcasts, it really became clear to me. I had to take action of my goals and dreams. I was a person who really likes to postpone everything but i could’t let go of this idea.I had this idea in mind of starting a website, documenting my yourney. So i did. On this weblog i would tell people my stories and experiences about self improvement. Starting this website was the first thing i actually did to break the cycle. I broke the cycle of postponing and took action to build this website. In my head i’m dreaming of a community of people that also wanna break their cycle and wake up. “If you wanna life your dream you only gotta wake up” is something i heard once in the podcasts. I only just begun but i am getting more and more confident of my future. I like to trow myself in the deep and see what happens and that is exactly what i am doing right now. This was my first step towards my goal and there are many yet to come. Are you following me?

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